Site Services

Mechanical and Completions Services

Our on-site mechanical and consultancy services help you complete your project on-time with less hassle.   We deliver expert assistance, working seamlessly with your management teams and crews to help you achieve practical completion.


Attested offers decades of practical experience in pipeline and plant construction, providing clients with an invaluable design review service. 

Strategic Consultancy and Project Management Expertise

Our in-depth, practical understanding of construction and testing standards, combined with our extensive expertise in construction processes and techniques, has repeatedly ensured timely, budget-conscious project completion with impeccable quality and reduced headaches.

Site Services

Our range of comprehensive range of Mechanical site services include:

  • Pressure Testing – Hydrostatic  & Pneumatic testing
  • System leak Tests
  • Pressure Safety Valve tests and setting
  • Flange Management – including Bolt torquing and tensioning
  • Equipment Hire
  • Helium Leak Testing
  • Commissioning and Pre-commissioning Activities
  • Desiccant Drying
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • Pipe Cleaning Services – pigging, blowing, flushing and chemical cleaning
  • Test Pack Development and tracking
  • Consultation and Project Management
  • Punch-listing – identification , closeout and tracking