Streamlined Pipeline Solutions: Consulting, Testing, and Certification

Attested offers comprehensive pipeline services, providing consultation, engineering expertise, field services, and project management for the pre-commissioning of transmission pipelines across Australia and internationally.

With dedicated, trained, and experienced personnel, we handle pipeline projects of any size, ensuring prompt and cost-effective completion while adhering to industry standards.

Pipeline Certification

Attested offers specialised pipeline certification services for terrestrial and subsea Gas and Liquid Petroleum pipelines.  We provide testing aligned with AS2885.5 Pipeline – Gas and Liquid Petroleum, DNVGL-ST-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems standards and other Australian and International Standards. Our integrated approach, coupled with NATA Mechanical Testing Accreditation, ensures that pre-commissioning testing activities meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Pipeline Services

Our range of comprehensive pipeline services include:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing: We conduct rigorous hydrostatic pressure testing to assess strength and identify leaks, ensuring pipeline safety and compliance.
  • Consultation, Test Plan Development, and Project Management: We provide expert consultation to develop tailored test plans and oversee project management for seamless execution.
  • Design and Fabrication of Test Headers and Pigging Headers: Our team designs and fabricates high-pressure (HP) test headers and low-pressure (LP) pigging headers to support pipeline testing and maintenance.
  • Intelligent Pigging:  We supply and run analytic pipe calliper tools for pipeline verification. We retrieve, analyse and report on the pig data, providing procedures and repair works where required
  • Pipeline Pigging: We offer pre-cleaning, drying, and maintenance services using advanced pigging techniques to ensure pipeline integrity and efficiency.
  • Pipeline Gauging: Accurate gauging services to measure pipeline dimensions and assess internal conditions.
  • Filling and Flooding: Controlled filling and flooding operations to prepare pipelines for testing and operation.
  • Dewatering and Air Drying: Efficient dewatering and air drying techniques for optimal pipeline performance.
  • Nitrogen Purging:  Nitrogen purging ensures an oxygen free pipeline, ready for safe commissioning.
  • NATA Test Reporting: We provide comprehensive NATA-certified test reports for compliance and documentation purposes.