Pipe Cleaning

Seamless Start-up Assurance through Clean Piping

Our pipe cleaning services are essential to ensure contaminant free piping systems.


We offer both chemical and mechanical cleaning methods to suit your projects specific requirements.

Chemical Cleaning

Attested provides chemical cleaning, including pickling and passivation, for removing mill scale, oxidisation and or handling the most difficult cleaning challenges.


In many cases the chemical cleaning process will be safer, faster and more economical than equipment disassembly with a better final outcome than mechanical cleaning. Where appropriate the use of Citric acids avoids the use of hazardous chemicals resulting in less risk of environmental harm and reduced disposal costs. 


The safe management of chemical cleaning procedures is essential and we are proud to have an incident-free record. 

Mechanical Pipe Cleaning

Our mechanical pipe cleaning methods include:

  • Pigging
  • Flushing
  • Air Blowing & Shock Air Blowing