Flushing / Water Jetting

Flushing / Water Jetting

Flushing and Water Jetting occurs both pre and post hydro testing to ensure delivery of a contaminant-free facility. We flush with water, or oil for hydraulic systems. Attested Pressure Services is experienced in environmentally-sensitive sourcing and management of water in remote and urban locations.

We have expertise in the efficient use of pigging for line cleaning, providing final-run pigs and intelligent pigs for inspection and verification. We also provide chemical cleaning services, using citric acid or other acids as appropriate. The safe management of chemical cleaning procedures is essential and we are proud to have an incident-free record.

Attested Pressure Services has reliably and safely completed flushing and cleaning operations on projects including:

  • Blacktip Onshore Gas Plant, for Monadelphous, Northern Territory ~ citric acid and cleaning
  • Bundamba Advanced Water Treatment Plant, Queensland ~ Hydrofluoric cleaning of stainless steel piping systems in preparation for production of potable water
  • Lara to Brooklyn Gas Pipeline for AJ Lucas, Victoria

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